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DIGY – Digital participation made easy

Project duration: 01.09.2019 – 31.08.2022
Programme: Erasmus+
Lead partner: Nexus Institut (Germany)
Partner countries: Georgia, Former Yogoslav Republic of Macedonia, Malta, Lithuania, Germany and Slovenia

Digital youth participation empowers young people to become active citizens from local to European
level. However, the positive effects only unfold when the participation process is run professionally –
just to use digital tools is not enough to inspire young, administrations and youth organizations to
Unfortunately, potential initiators often lack experience, personnel and financial resources needed to
plan and conduct a successful e-participation project. This is a reason why first-time pilot projects
may fail due to the many unknown challenges and efforts, leading to frustration among participants.

The Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project “DIGY - Digital youth participation made easy” aims to
tackle this problem by delivering qualification and capacity building for initiators of digital youth
participation projects. The materials designed will be integrated into the OPIN platform, a
professional online tool-box for digital youth participation that is already available in 10 European
languages. Thus, the European-wide infrastructure for digital youth participation is strengthened and
enriched by modules to increase the know-how on how to run a successful digital youth participation
Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia is in charge of managing and establishing the "OPIN Community", which will result in support for active digital participation of young people. This will be achieved through a functioning forum and guidelines/instructions on how to engage and motivate young people to participate actively. The ultimate goal of the project is an upgraded OPIN platform with educational materials for successful implementation of participatory projects. The project cooperates with youth organizations and schools from the Heart of Slovenia area, which can use OPIN platform for free.

OPIN platform:

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