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Keeping traditions alive through social enterprise

Project duration: 30.09.2019 – 30.08.2022
Programme: Erasmus+
Lead partner: Dacorum council for voluntary service
Partner countries: Great Britain, Serbia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia

The project highlights the problems of rural areas that young people leave because they do not find suitable employment there while not recognizing vanishing traditional skills that could underpin entrepreneurship. Young people participating in the project will have gained knowledge of traditional crafts and social enterprise. The project will address the key youth work issues of creating a programmes and tools aimed at combating social exclusion and methods, tools and materials aimed at fostering young people's key-competences and basic skills.

Keeping traditions alive is important component of having a diverse Europe valued by all citizens. The youth involved in the project will learn about traditional crafts and their local heritage. Traditional crafters will have had the opportunity to showcase their work, raise interest among and pass skills onto young people, which can be sustained beyond the project. Through creation and delivery of social enterprise they will have improved competences in business planning, communication, marketing, teamwork, logistics, sales, event planning, budgeting, networking and entrepreneurship.

Project objectives combines youth work, traditional crafts, intergenerational learning & social enterprise. The project aims to pass on knowledge through intergenerational exchange to young people, about skills related to the cultural heritage of our area and educate them about social entrepreneurship. With this project we want to contribute to the sustainability of traditional crafts and heritage in rural areas, and to foster the development of entrepreneurship.

Throughout the project we will also develop online courses to transfer knowledge of traditional skills and social entrepreneurship.

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