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Abraham's Key of the Heart of Slovenia

In 2009 a unique project was formed in the Heart of Slovenia – Abraham’s Key of the Heart of Slovenia. A concept of collective 50th birthday celebration with an emphasis on charity developed from the idea of Jože Kos from Polšnik. Private initiative grew into an interconnection of birthday men from different parts of Slovenia, their relatives, locals, local communities, entrepreneurs, societies, and emigrants. Since then the Abraham generations (50-year-olds) each year contribute to a better quality of life in different fields.

With the meeting in 2009, fifty-year-olds raised funds to buy new organs in Polšnik. In 2010 they helped children in foster families; in 2011 the emphasis of the project was on turning points in life; in 2012 Abraham generation helped raise funds for the organisation New Paradox. The activities continued also in years 2013, 2014 and 2015.

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