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Connecting "The Heart of Slovenia"

Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia is becoming an ever more recognised institution at international, regional and Slovenian level. It connects municipalities in the area of Ljubljana with its trademark "The Heart of Slovenia’’, which was developed in 2008. The trademark is becoming a synonym for heartiness of people, quality of living and diversity of offers in the area all the way from the Kamnik Alps to the Hills of Dolenjska and from the eastern edges of Ljubljana to the first plains of Posavje.

Initiatives for interconnection of municipalities go many years back. Our first project Knocking on the Door of Heritage managed to connect 13 municipalities of the Central Slovenia region and region of Zasavje. Our project linked more than 51 points of natural and cultural heritage into a joint tourism product. On this basis, we are developing the so-called cultural tourism as one of the key tourism pillars of the trademark ‘’The Heart of Slovenia’’.

The trademark ‘’The Heart of Slovenia’’ is also recognised as a mutual identity by the Development Partnership of the Centre of Slovenia, which has been operating since 2006. The primary purpose of the partnership was interconnecting the public sector. The municipalities were thus trying to improve their position in the Central Slovenia region. Recently, this interconnecting is turning into versatile operating for the benefit of the growth of ‘’The Heart of Slovenia’’.

With the establishment of the Local action group LAG ‘’The Heart of Slovenia’’ we have connected the municipalities of Litija, Šmartno pri Litiji, Dol pri Ljubljani, Kamnik and Lukovica. From 2006 on, beneficiaries from the aforementioned municipalities can draw funds for rural development, stemming from the LEADER programme for rural development.

The area of The Heart of Slovenia is also associated with the SPOT entry point for entrepreneurs (One stop shops), operating in Litija and Mengeš. Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia thus plays an important role in the field of information support for the entrepreneurs from the area of The Heart of Slovenia.

Within the task of interconnecting the area of The Heart of Slovenia, we successfully started cooperating with non-governmental organisations from the entire Central Slovenia region in 2009. The Regional hub of NGOs of Central Slovenia offers diverse complimentary services for non-governmental sector and encourages societies to interconnect and even more actively participate in the development of local areas and region.

The Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia acts as an initiator and coordinator of the ZORA Consortium – Association of Regional Development Agencies of Slovenia, whose purpose is to cooperate in the field of regional development partnerships. The consortium connects 13 regional development agencies in Slovenia and helps to communicate with authorities at national level in preparing strategies and legislation.

In addition, we also connect individuals and organisations in the Heart of Slovenia, thus strengthening our competitive advantage as a development institution, i.e. a high level of interconnectedness with the “field”, with people who co-create development and form a necessary mass for improvements in different development fields (local self-sufficiency, educational institutions, non-governmental organisations, artists, locals, local media).

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